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Fic: the world transform'd shall view (post NeverEnding Story III)

Hi! I wrote this story for Yuletide this year, and wanted to share. Wasn't sure whether fanfiction is allowed here... (I don't see anything in the tags or the profile - please comment to let me know if I should remove it.)

Title: the world transform'd shall view
Fandom: The NeverEndng Story, set after III, but based mostly on the first movie
Characters: Nicole, Bastian, Rock Chewer Junior, Atreyu, Falkor, Childlike Empress
Rating: G
Word Count: 8,381 words
Summary:"Nicole remembers that day three years ago when the world went wild because of her whims, standing soaked in the rain, pleading with her new brother Bastian to fight the Nasty... did she want to go through that again?"

Author's Note: Written for alixtii for Yuletide 2009. You should be able to follow this story, even if you've only seen the first movie. What you need to know is that Bastian's father remarried in III, and he gained a step-sister, Nicole, who is the same age. She didn't like him at first, even to the point of trying to sabotage him using the Auryn medallion, but came to accept and love him by the end. Thank you to foxtwin, myystic and zoi_no_miko for the beta. :)


The voice almost rouses her from sleep, amidst a strange dream of flying creatures and fantastic landscapes. She murmurs and drifts off.
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