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Luck dragon

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Oh my god, that's so cute! Is the right eye always shut or can it open too? You did an absolutely marvelous job on this!

I'd offer to buy one, but my boyfriend would have a fit (he finds it rediculous that I still like stuff like this) and I'm on a budget. x_x But damn, I'd snap one up in a heartbeat if I had the money and if my boyfriend would let me. The Neverending Story is my absolute favorite movie ever.
thanks! It takes a lot of time to make each one but it's fun and I love seeing the end result.
his one eye is closed (doesn't open). I was inspired by the very first scene with him where he's sleeping and peeks an eye open.
ive seen your model of folkor from neverending story. just wondered if your still making them?

I actually do have some available.
Since I make them as I get the orders, I can't have it done by christmas. All the orders I take this dec will most likely arrive early january.
thank you. would you know how much it would be (sterling) including postage to the UK? and would it be suitable for a 3 yr old? my niece absolutely loves him and this is the only model ive ever found!!


Actually I would not recommend my falkor for such a small child. They're better suited for display.
to be honest its most likely to be put on her shelf, something she can keep forever :)
Sounds good. He's not like the most fragile thing in the world, it's just that he's not a good toy for a child to play with alone or drag outdoors.
He'd be quite adorable peering at her from a shelf.
It looks like $100 US Dollar = 67.19 GBP .(That's including shipping)
$75+$25.00 shipping.

Each doll takes a 2-3 weeks to make and ship off. So I could have it to you in early January. It could definately arrive sooner, but I rather under promise and over deliver. It gets crazy here around the holidays.

So if you are still interested in purchasing him, there is still one available on my etsy page.
I'm glad my husband understands my odd interests and my habit of collecting everything. We've been married about 6 months and he hasn't gone mad yet ;)
Same as above: he is adorable, but I probably can't afford him. How much do you want for him?
hows $75
If he's still available in July, I will come back to you. I will not be here for most of June. Trip to Europe, so money's tight. Apart from that, I think you did a great job :) I will follow this up, unless someone else wants him (and they should!).
hes so cute, i wish i had the money to buy him
Awwh, so, I know it's been a while since the last message, and the odds are against it, but do you still make the adorable plushie? <3
Your in luck! I do still make them. I've been taking a little bit of a break but I'll be selling them here towards the end of march again:

Deleted comment

Right now I'm only offering the winking one:

I do sell another variety but I don't have any of those available at the moment.
Are you still makeing these???? they are AWESOME!!! If so... Im in Canada, how much are they and how long do they take to make?

I won't be making any more until September. Once they are made they will be up for sale there.
My daughter is asking for a Luck Dragon for Christmas and I see that it would take longer than that to get and I will just have to figure out a clever way to delay the arrival(wrap a picture and say Santa's elves are working hard on such a unique gift).
I am very interested in purchasing one, please contact me. Thank you, Kerry
Hi there! Just found this post - what an incredible replica! Any chance you're still making & selling them?
hi , im intersted as to know if you are still making these fantastic toys of Falkor, as i really want one and can not find them anywhere else to near the quality of the ones you make.. please can you let me know asap thanks,
Actually I don't make them anymore. But thanks for inquiring!
ok thank you for getting back to me, is there any chance that you would consider making one last one and how much would you charge?